Top Six Linux Distributions for Your Data Center

Linux powers the enterprise. From the cloud to containers and to the backbone of your network, Linux is there functioning tirelessly to keep your business humming. Regardless of whether you use Linux in your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or your on-premise details center, you use Linux.

But what about distribution? You have either absent one particular of two routes: You have selected a solitary firm to offer you with a Linux distribution, or you have gone the blend-and-match route to ensure that every single distribution serves a specific purpose and does it to perfection.

TechRepublic Quality needs to introduce you to a quick listing of Linux servers that are all completely suited for your firm details middle. From this list you are sure to locate an running program that properly matches your desires.

From the guidebook:


I spot Ubuntu Server at the top of this record, just simply because it’s my go-to server functioning process. Why? Because it’s not only genuinely easy to use, it is trusted it features prolonged phrase assistance, consists of tons of deals in the default repositories and it is also 1 of the most greatly-made use of distributions on the different cloud companies (this sort of as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud).

Ubuntu Linux also supports various architectures, these as ARM64, X86, PPC64LE, IBM Power8 and S390X. Of all the Linux distributions, Ubuntu has 1 of the very best track records when it arrives to hardware help. So, possibilities are pretty very good that no matter what you toss at this server, it’ll operate.

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