Checklist: How to manage your backups


Backups are important to any IT task. Some contemplate backups as the most essential jobs in an administrator’s day. Why? Since when a backup is accomplished correctly (and performed frequently), recovering from a disaster is significantly less of a nightmare and more of an inconvenience. With no all those backups, your company could be non-operational for some time.

This checklist from TechRepublic Quality will support you deal with them properly.

From the checklist:


Your backup option might be tirelessly backing up whatever directories you’ve configured. But occasionally, things go awry. What comes about if you think backups have succeeded, but the program or the backup files are misleading and missing some important files and folders? That is not what you want to encounter. So when you are examining to verify a backup has succeeded, mount a backup file and evaluate its contents. This could increase a few minutes to your every day program, but the safety it provides is well truly worth the effort.

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