Google to Pay Hackers $31,337 for Exploiting Patched Linux Kernel Flaws

Google on Monday declared that it will pay stability scientists to obtain exploits applying vulnerabilities, beforehand remediated or if not, more than the next a few months as element of a new bug bounty software to make improvements to the stability of the Linux kernel.

To that conclude, the company is envisioned to problem rewards value $31,337 for exploiting privilege escalation in a lab surroundings for each individual patched vulnerability, an amount that can climb up to $50,337 for operating exploits that consider benefit of zero-day flaws in the kernel and other undocumented assault methods.

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Particularly, the system aims to uncover attacks that could be launched against Kubernetes-primarily based infrastructure to defeat system isolation barriers (by way of NSJail) and break out of the sandbox to leak secret information and facts.

The software is predicted to very last right up until January 31, 2022.

“It is essential to take note, that the best exploitation primitives are not offered in our lab atmosphere due to the hardening finished on Container-Optimized OS,” Eduardo Vela of Google Bug Hunters Group said.

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The rewards software also exists in conjunction with Android’s VRP rewards, permitting researchers to display exploits that operate on the cell operating technique, which could be suitable for up to $250,000 in bug bounties. Far more information about the contest can be observed below.

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