Popular NPM Package Hijacked to Publish Crypto-mining Malware

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Stability Agency on Friday warned of crypto-mining malware embedded in “UAParser.js,” a well known JavaScript NPM library with more than 6 million weekly downloads, times following the NPM repository moved to eliminate 3 rogue deals that ended up identified to mimic the similar library.

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The supply-chain attack targeting the open up-resource library observed 3 distinctive variations — .7.29, .8., 1.. — that were printed with malicious code on Thursday adhering to a profitable takeover of the maintainer’s NPM account.

“I imagine an individual was hijacking my NPM account and published some compromised packages (.7.29, .8., 1..) which will probably put in malware,” UAParser.js’s developer Faisal Salman explained. The difficulty has been patched in versions .7.30, .8.1, and 1..1.


The advancement comes days after DevSecOps agency Sonatype disclosed details of 3 deals — okhsa, klow, and klown — that masqueraded as the user-agent string parser utility with the aim of mining cryptocurrency in Windows, macOS, and Linux methods. It is not right away crystal clear if the same actor is behind the hottest compromise.

“Any personal computer that has this package set up or functioning really should be thought of fully compromised. All insider secrets and keys stored on that laptop or computer need to be rotated straight away from a different laptop or computer,” GitHub noted in an impartial warn. “The deal really should be eliminated, but as comprehensive control of the laptop might have been offered to an outside the house entity, there is no assurance that removing the package will take out all malicious computer software resulting from putting in it.”

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