Squirrel Engine Bug Could Let Attackers Hack Games and Cloud Services

Scientists have disclosed an out-of-bounds examine vulnerability in the Squirrel programming language that can be abused by attackers to crack out of the sandbox constraints and execute arbitrary code within a SquirrelVM, therefore offering a malicious actor complete access to the underlying device.

Tracked as CVE-2021-41556, the issue occurs when a match library referred to as Squirrel Motor is made use of to execute untrusted code and has an effect on steady launch branches 3.x and 2.x of Squirrel. The vulnerability was responsibly disclosed on August 10, 2021.

Automatic GitHub Backups

Squirrel is an open-source, item-oriented programming language which is made use of for scripting movie game titles and as perfectly as in IoT units and dispersed transaction processing platforms this kind of as Enduro/X.

“In a genuine-entire world scenario, an attacker could embed a destructive Squirrel script into a local community map and distribute it by way of the reliable Steam Workshop,” scientists Simon Scannell and Niklas Breitfeld mentioned in a report shared with The Hacker Information. “When a server owner downloads and installs this destructive map on to his server, the Squirrel script is executed, escapes its VM, and requires handle of the server device.”

The recognized security flaw fears an “out-of-bounds obtain by means of index confusion” when defining Squirrel classes that could be exploited to hijack the regulate circulation of a program and obtain entire control of the Squirrel VM.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

While the concern has been tackled as element of a code commit pushed on September 16, it really is well worth noting that the alterations have not been provided in a new secure release, with the last formal model (v3.1) produced on March 27, 2016. Maintainers who count on Squirrel in their jobs are very suggested to apply the most current fixes by rebuilding it from source code in order to shield towards any assaults.

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