Critical RCE Flaw in ForgeRock Access Manager Under Active Attack

Cybersecurity companies in Australia and the U.S. are warning of an actively exploited vulnerability impacting ForgeRock’s OpenAM entry management option that could be leveraged to execute arbitrary code on an afflicted technique remotely.

“The [Australian Cyber Security Centre] has noticed actors exploiting this vulnerability to compromise various hosts and deploy added malware and resources,” the group reported in an inform. ACSC failed to disclose the nature of the attacks, how widespread they are, or the identities of the menace actors exploiting them.

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Tracked as CVE-2021-35464, the issue problems a pre-authentication remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in ForgeRock Access Supervisor id and access management resource, and stems from an unsafe Java deserialization in the Jato framework utilized by the application.

“An attacker exploiting the vulnerability will execute instructions in the context of the present-day user, not as the root person (unless ForgeRock AM is jogging as the root person, which is not encouraged),” the San Francisco-headquartered computer software organization mentioned in an advisory.

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“An attacker can use the code execution to extract qualifications and certificates, or to obtain a additional foothold on the host by staging some type of shell (such as the frequent implant Cobalt Strike),” it additional.

The vulnerability impacts versions 6…x and all versions of 6.5, up to and including 6.5.3, and has been addressed in model AM 7 produced on June 29, 2021. ForgeRock prospects are encouraged to move speedily to deploy the patches to mitigate the risk affiliated with the flaw.

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