How to scan your RHEL-based Linux servers for outdated libraries with CloudLinux UChecker

Your Linux server libraries might be out of date, primary to stability problems. CloudLinux has a software that can quickly record people out-of-date libraries on AlamaLinux or a related distribution.

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CloudLinux has burst onto the scene as a main participant in the Linux server match. This commenced with their release of AlmaLinux, to acquire the position of CentOS Stream. That was adopted up with the addition of a Linux guidance services, termed TuxCare. The organization has ongoing its display of guidance by offering a device that need to give Linux server admins some much-desired oxygen. Mentioned tool is UChecker, which can scan your RHEL-primarily based servers for outdated libraries, but in-memory and on disk. This is an important job, a person that poses a considerable obstacle in any other case. 

UChecker can scan the likes of RHEL, CentOS (but not CentOS Stream), AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux and CloudLinux Solo. In actuality, just about any server distribution based on RHEL can be scanned with UChecker. I’ve attempted to use it on Ubuntu-dependent distributions and even Fedora, with no luck—stick with the likes of AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux and you are going to be good to go.

Allow me display you how quick UChecker is to use. 

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What you’ll require

  • A supported server distribution 
  • A user with sudo privileges

How to install dependencies

UChecker depends on Python, so just before you can operate the command, you have to make positive to put in it with the command:

sudo dnf install python3 -y

When this dependency is achieved, you are prepared to run the UChecker instrument.

How to use UChecker

There are two strategies you can use UChecker: with or without the need of curl. If you would desire to have the software on hand, without the need of owning to obtain it each time, you can expect to want to down load the script and preserve it to the community generate. That is my preferred system for the reason that I might forget the URL of the script and have to acquire the time to come across it. With the script saved to the neighborhood generate, I only have to operate it by using Python. 

With that in thoughts, download the script with the command:


As soon as the script is saved to the regional generate, run it with the command:

sudo LOGLEVEL=debug python3 uchecker

UChecker will dive in and commence running checks in opposition to your set up libraries. If it finds just about anything out of date, it’s going to report back to you (Figure A).

Determine A


An out-of-day installation of AlmaLinux has several out-of-date libraries.

The 1 caveat to working with the above technique is that CloudLinux could make updates to the script. If you generally want to be functioning the latest version, you could use the curl system, like so:

curl -s -L | sudo LOGLEVEL=debug python

A person way of resolving the located difficulties is to subscribe to KernelCare+, which will function to automatically patch these out-of-date libraries. If you never want to go the KernelCare+ route, you will have to up grade all those libraries manually, which can be a challenge. However, in my scenario, I ran normal sudo dnf update -y, followed by a reboot, which did consider care of the challenge. I re-ran UChecker and there had been no concerns uncovered. 

You could possibly have set up some libraries via a system other than your package manager, these as from supply. That remaining the circumstance, should really you come across the comprehensive enhance would not consider care of what is reported, you could possibly then have to go through each and every line of the UChecker output and address the update for just about every library, a person at a time. This can be cumbersome, but if you want to be certain your servers are at their most secure, this is a job you’ll want to take on.

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