BRATA Malware Poses as Android Security Scanners on Google Play Store

A new set of malicious Android applications have been caught posing as application safety scanners on the formal Enjoy Retailer to distribute a backdoor capable of collecting delicate details.

“These destructive applications urge consumers to update Chrome, WhatsApp, or a PDF reader, nonetheless as a substitute of updating the application in question, they get total manage of the gadget by abusing accessibility services,” cybersecurity business McAfee stated in an analysis published on Monday.

The applications in question were built to goal people in Brazil, Spain, and the U.S., with most of them accruing any place involving 1,000 to 5,000 installs. Yet another app named DefenseScreen racked up 10,000 installs prior to it was taken out from the Enjoy Retail store very last yr.

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Initially documented by Kaspersky in August 2019, BRATA (brief for “Brazilian Remote Accessibility Resource Android”) emerged as an Android malware with display recording talents before steadily morphing into a banking trojan.

“It brings together comprehensive device management capabilities with the capability to display screen phishing webpages that steal banking qualifications in addition to skills that allow it seize display screen lock qualifications (PIN, Password or Pattern), seize keystrokes (keylogger functionality), and file the display screen of the contaminated unit to keep an eye on a user’s actions devoid of their consent,” McAfee researchers Fernando Ruiz and Carlos Castillo explained.

The apps that distribute the backdoor notify unsuspecting customers of a safety concern on their units, prompting them to install a phony update of a distinct application (e.g., Google Chrome, WhatsApp, and a non-existent PDF reader app) to handle the difficulty.

Once the victim agrees to set up the application, BRATA requests permissions to obtain the device’s accessibility services, abusing it to seize lock display PIN (or password/pattern), file keystrokes, take screenshots, and even disable the Google Participate in Retail store.

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By disabling the Enjoy Shop application, the strategy is also to disable Participate in Defend, a element that preemptively runs a protection check on applications right before they are downloaded from the app shop, and routinely scans Android products for most likely destructive apps and gets rid of them.

Interestingly, new variations of BRATA also appear geared up with included obfuscation and encryption layers, in addition to shifting most of the main performance to a remote attacker-managed server, in transform making it possible for the attackers to very easily update the malware and exploit the equipment they have been installed on even though keeping less than the radar.

“BRATA is just a different example of how impressive the (ab)use of accessibility services is and how, with just a tiny little bit of social engineering and persistence, cybercriminals can trick buyers into granting this accessibility to a destructive application and generally acquiring complete handle of the infected product,” the scientists concluded.

“By thieving the PIN, Password or Sample, put together with the means to file the monitor, click on on any button and intercept just about anything that is entered in an editable subject, malware authors can pretty much get any data they want, which includes banking qualifications by using phishing web internet pages or even instantly from the apps themselves, even though also hiding all these actions from the person.”

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