How to migrate CentOS to AlmaLinux and avoid downtime in your data center

If you have CentOS servers in your info heart, Jack Wallen shows you how to migrate them to AlmaLinux, so you you should not have to be concerned about using CentOS Stream.

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By now you know about the disaster that was CentOS. If not, enable me sum it up: Crimson Hat designed the shortsighted shift to rid the world of the CentOS we know and really like. In its put will come the pseudo-rolling release CentOS Stream that several CentOS admins believe in to use and lots of third-bash purposes (these kinds of as cPanel) is not going to guidance.

That’s about the gist of it. 

This transform resulted in (at the very least) a few of fascinating CentOS forks. The first announced was Rocky Linux, from the gentleman who at first brought us CentOS. Following in line arrived AlmaLinux. Both of those are 1:1 binary replacements for the existing Red Hat Company Linux server OS and are currently creating strides in becoming the de facto substitute for CentOS.

The good news is that the first AlmaLinux steady release will arrive March 30, 2021, so mark your calendars. You can currently check the beta of AlmaLinux which picks up accurately wherever CentOS 8 left off. For those people of you who previously have a great deal of CentOS deployments in your knowledge centre, what do you do?

Fortuitously, the builders of AlmaLinux have developed an uncomplicated method of migrating those CentOS 8 servers to AlmaLinux, and I’m likely to present you how.

It truly is really uncomplicated, so get ready to commence and finish this in no time, except you have to enhance CentOS first, which can consider a although.

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What you will require

I have tested this course of action on a variety of CentOS servers, and it succeeds devoid of failure, every single time.

How to migrate CentOS to AlmaLinux

Log in to your CentOS 8 server and make positive to 1st upgrade CentOS with the command:

sudo dnf upgrade -y

The migration to AlmaLinux will fall short if CentOS is out of date.

When the up grade completes, reboot if needed and then obtain the migration script with the command:

curl -O

As soon as the script is saved to your community generate, give it the correct authorization with the command:

chmod u+x

You can now commence the migration with the command:

sudo ./

Based on the point out of CentOS when you start out, the migration could really get less time than the improve. As soon as the migration completes, reboot a second time and you’re finished. You’ve productively migrated CentOS to the 1:1 binary replacement for Purple Hat Company Linux. Congratulations, you never have to be concerned about drowning in the CentOS Stream.

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