Mazafaka — Elite Hacking and Cybercrime Forum — Got Hacked!

In what’s a circumstance of hackers finding hacked, a prominent underground on-line prison forum by the title of Maza has been compromised by mysterious attackers, creating it the fourth forum to have been breached considering the fact that the begin of the calendar year.

The intrusion is stated to have transpired on March 3, with data about the forum customers — together with usernames, e mail addresses, and hashed passwords — publicly disclosed on a breach notification site place up by the attackers, stating “Your facts has been leaked” and “This discussion board has been hacked.”

“The announcement was accompanied by a PDF file allegedly made up of a part of forum consumer information. The file comprised additional than 3,000 rows, that contains usernames, partially obfuscated password hashes, e-mail addresses and other speak to information,” cybersecurity company Intel 471 explained.

Originally called Mazafaka, Maza is an elite, invite-only Russian-language cybercrime discussion board identified to be operational as early as 2003, performing as an unique on the internet area for exploit actors to trade ransomware-as-a-company tools and conduct other kinds of illicit cyber functions.

The development comes near on the heels of prosperous breaches of other message boards, such as that of Confirmed, Crdclub, and Exploit.

Confirmed is claimed to have been breached on January 20, 2021, with the actor guiding the attack declaring access to the full databases on one more well-liked discussion board named Raid Discussion boards, apart from transferring $150,000 worth of cryptocurrency from Verified’s bitcoin wallet to their personal. The discussion board, even so, staged a return previous thirty day period on February 18 with a adjust in possession, in accordance to Flashpoint.

Then once again, in February, a cybercrime discussion board by the name of Crdclub disclosed an attack that resulted in the compromise of an administrator account with the purpose of defrauding its users. No other individual information seems to have been plundered.

“By doing so, the actor at the rear of the assault was in a position to entice discussion board clients to use a funds transfer service that was allegedly vouched for by the forum’s admins,” Intel 471 claimed. “That was a lie, and resulted in an unknown sum of cash becoming diverted from the discussion board.”

Last of all, before this week, the Exploit cybercrime discussion board sustained an attack that involved an obvious compromise of a proxy server applied for safeguarding the discussion board from dispersed denial-of-assistance (DDoS) assaults.

Specifics are fuzzy as to the perpetrators of the attacks, with discussion board users speculating that it could be the work of a federal government intelligence company, although also distressing above the risk that their authentic-environment identities could be uncovered in the wake of the leaks.

Flashpoint scientists noted that the Russian sentences on the Maza forum’s notification webpage ended up perhaps translated using an on the net translator, but added it is unclear if this implies the involvement of a non-Russian speaking actor or if it was deliberately applied to mislead attribution.

“Whilst Intel 471 isn’t conscious of any one boasting accountability for the breaches, whomever is behind the actions has indirectly presented researchers an gain,” the organization concluded. “Any data unearthed from the breaches aids in the battle towards these criminals because of to the additional visibility it provides stability groups who are monitoring actors that populate these message boards.”

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