Warning Issued Over Hackable ADT’s LifeShield Home Security Cameras

Freshly identified stability vulnerabilities in ADT’s Blue (formerly LifeShield) house safety cameras could have been exploited to hijack the two audio and movie streams.

The vulnerabilities (tracked as CVE-2020-8101) were being recognized in the online video doorbell digital camera by Bitdefender scientists in February 2020 just before they have been inevitably tackled on August 17, 2020.

LifeShield was acquired by Florida-based ADT Inc. in 2019, with Lifeshield’s Diy home protection options rebranded as Blue as of January 2020. The company’s solutions had a 33.6% marketplace share in the U.S. last year.

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The safety challenges in the doorbell camera make it possible for an attacker to

  • Get hold of the administrator password of the digital camera by simply knowing its MAC address, which is utilised to identify a unit uniquely
  • Inject commands regionally to attain root obtain, and
  • Access audio and online video feeds making use of an unprotected RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) server

The doorbell is designed to periodically ship heartbeat messages to “cms.lifeshield.com,” containing data these as the MAC deal with, SSID, neighborhood IP handle, and the wi-fi sign toughness. The server, in return, responds with an authentication message that can be trivially bypassed by crafting a bogus request by working with the device’s MAC deal with.

LifeShield Home Security Cameras

“The server looks to overlook the token and checks only the MAC deal with when sending a reaction,” the researchers famous, introducing “the password for the administrator can be attained by decoding the foundation64 authorization header been given in this ask for.”

Armed with this admin access to the camera’s world-wide-web interface, the attacker can leverage an HTTP interface that’s vulnerable to command injection and attain root entry.

And finally, the scientists also identified that an unsecured RTSP server sans any qualifications could be exploited to obtain the video clip stream at “rtsp://10…108:554/img/media.sav” employing any media player this kind of as VLC.

Even though patches have been used to the manufacturing servers and all the 1,500 impacted devices, with no quick way to verify if the digital camera consumers put in the firmware updates, Bitdefender selected to delay community disclosure by extra than five months.

“Consumers have stability decisions when it arrives to securing their smart households or little firms,” the researchers claimed.

“Meticulously researching IoT vendors for security update procedures to their items, transforming default passwords, separating IoTs into distinct subnetworks, and even on a regular basis checking for firmware updates are only a handful of functional and palms-on safety tips that anyone can adhere to.”

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