Russian Hacker Gets 12-Years Prison for Massive JP Morgan Chase Hack

A U.S. court docket on Thursday sentenced a 37-year-previous Russian to 12 several years in jail for perpetrating an intercontinental hacking marketing campaign that resulted in the heist of a trove of personal facts from numerous economical establishments, brokerage firms, economic news publishers, and other American companies.

Andrei Tyurin was charged with computer intrusion, wire fraud, financial institution fraud, and illegal on the web gambling offenses, and for his function in 1 of the major thefts of U.S. consumer knowledge from a single economical institution in historical past, which involved the own data of a lot more than 80 million J.P. Morgan Chase buyers.

In addition to the investment bank, some of the other significant targets of the hacks were being E*Trade, Scottrade, and the Wall Avenue Journal.

Tyurin, who carried out the in depth hacking from his household in Moscow involving 2012 to mid-2015, is considered to have netted about $19 million in prison proceeds as section of his intrusion techniques.

In a single these types of occasion of protection fraud, Tyurin collaborated with his companion Gery Shalon to artificially inflate the price tag of sure shares publicly traded in the U.S. by advertising and marketing claimed stocks in a deceptive and deceptive fashion to shoppers of the victim firms whose call info were being stolen throughout the intrusions.

Russian Hacker
Photo Credit rating: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

To have out the assaults, Tyurin is alleged to have utilised pc infrastructure positioned across five continents that ended up remotely managed and is stated to have taken care of persistent entry above extensive intervals of time to the victims’ networks to download and refresh the stolen info from the businesses periodically.

“And as soon as his hacking pursuits were being detected, TYURIN worked with Shalon to ruin the evidence of their prison action and undermine U.S. law enforcement’s endeavours to discover and arrest them,” the U.S. Southern District of New York mentioned in a statement.

The development comes after Tyurin pleaded guilty in September 2019 to have out the wire and financial institution fraud, laptop intrusions, and unlawful on the internet gambling. Tyurin has been in U.S. custody due to the fact he was extradited from the state of Georgia in September 2018.

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