New ModPipe Point of Sale (POS) Malware Targeting Restaurants, Hotels

Cybersecurity researchers today disclosed a new sort of modular backdoor that targets point-of-sale (POS) cafe management software from Oracle in an attempt to pilfer sensitive payment facts stored in the units.

The backdoor — dubbed “ModPipe” — impacts Oracle MICROS Restaurant Company Sequence (RES) 3700 POS programs, extensively employed program suite places to eat, and hospitality institutions to efficiently deal with POS, inventory, and labor management, deployed in cafe and hospitality sectors principally in the US.

“What will make the backdoor distinctive are its downloadable modules and their capabilities, as it has a custom algorithm created to collect RES 3700 POS database passwords by decrypting them from Windows registry values,” ESET researchers stated in an examination.

“Exfiltrated qualifications allow ModPipe’s operators accessibility to database contents, such as various definitions and configuration, standing tables and information and facts about POS transactions.”

It really is truly worth noting that facts this sort of as credit rating card quantities and expiration dates are safeguarded at the rear of encryption barriers in RES 3700, therefore restricting the amount of beneficial information practical for more misuse, though the researchers posit that the actor driving the assaults could be in possession of a second downloadable module to decrypt the contents of the databases.

PoS Malware

The ModPipe infrastructure consists of an original dropper which is employed to install a persistent loader, which then unpacks and loads the following-phase payload — the main malware module which is employed to build communications with other “downloadable” modules and the command-and-manage (C2) server via a standalone networking module.

Main among the the downloadable modules involve “GetMicInfo,” a ingredient that can intercept and decrypt database passwords employing a special algorithm, which ESET researchers theorize could have been carried out possibly by reverse-engineering the cryptographic libraries or by earning use of the encryption implementation specifics attained in the aftermath of a info breach at Oracle’s MICROS POS division in 2016.

A next module called “ModScan 2.20” is devoted to collecting supplemental information and facts about the installed POS program (e.g., variation, database server details), even though yet another module by the identify of “Proclist” gathers aspects about presently running procedures.

“ModPipe’s architecture, modules and their abilities also indicate that its writers have considerable awareness of the targeted RES 3700 POS application,” the scientists claimed. “The proficiency of the operators could stem from numerous situations, like thieving and reverse engineering the proprietary computer software products, misusing its leaked elements or getting code from an underground market.”

Companies in the hospitality sector that are making use of the RES 3700 POS are advised to update to the most current edition of the computer software as properly as use equipment that operate up to date variations of the fundamental running procedure.

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