Experts Reported Security Bug in IBM’s Db2 Data Management Software

Cybersecurity scientists currently disclosed particulars of a memory vulnerability in IBM’s Db2 relatives of info management goods that could probably make it possible for a neighborhood attacker to access sensitive data and even bring about a denial of services assaults.

The flaw (CVE-2020-4414), which impacts IBM Db2 V9.7, V10.1, V10.5, V11.1, and V11.5 editions on all platforms, is brought about by poor usage shared memory, thus granting a lousy actor to carry out unauthorized steps on the technique.

By sending a specially crafted request, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to obtain delicate information or cause a denial of assistance, in accordance to Trustwave SpiderLabs stability and investigate crew, which found the concern.


“Builders forgot to place explicit memory protections about the shared memory applied by the Db2 trace facility,” SpiderLabs’s Martin Rakhmanov mentioned. “This permits any neighborhood people browse and create entry to that memory space. In flip, this permits accessing critically sensitive facts as well as the potential to change how the trace subsystem functions, resulting in a denial of services situation in the databases.”

IBM released a patch on June 30 to remediate the vulnerability.


CVE-2020-4414 is caused by the unsafe use of shared memory the Db2 trace utility employs to exchange info with the underlying OS on the method.

The Db2 trace utility is made use of to file Db2 info and gatherings, together with reporting Db2 process information, amassing knowledge necessary for efficiency examination and tuning, and seize details entry audit trail for stability functions.

Provided that the shared memory stores sensitive facts, an attacker with accessibility to the program could make a malicious application to overwrite the memory with rogue information committed to tracing knowledge.

“This implies that an unprivileged neighborhood user can abuse this to induce a denial of service ailment basically by creating incorrect facts more than that memory part,” Rakhmanov said.

Even additional regarding, a small-privileged method managing on the exact computer system as the Db2 databases could change Db2 trace and capture delicate data and use the data to carry out other attacks.

If the flaw appears acquainted, which is simply because it is really the identical kind of memory leakage vulnerability that impacted Cisco’s WebEx online video conferencing provider (CVE-2020-3347) that could nearby authenticated attackers to get maintain of usernames, authentication tokens, and conference information and facts.

It can be advisable that Db2 users update their application to the most up-to-date version to mitigate the risk.

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