Researchers Exploited A Bug in Emotet to Stop the Spread of Malware

Emotet, a notorious email-dependent malware powering several botnet-driven spam strategies and ransomware attacks, contained a flaw that permitted cybersecurity scientists to activate a destroy-change and avoid the malware from infecting systems for six months.

“Most of the vulnerabilities and exploits that you browse about are very good information for attackers and poor news for the relaxation of us,” Binary Defense’s James Quinn said.

“Even so, it truly is vital to preserve in intellect that malware is software program that can also have flaws. Just as attackers can exploit flaws in respectable program to trigger harm, defenders can also reverse-engineer malware to discover its vulnerabilities and then exploit those people to defeat the malware.”

The kill-switch was alive concerning February 6, 2020, to August 6, 2020, for 182 times, prior to the malware authors patched their malware and closed the vulnerability.


Given that its initially identification in 2014, Emotet has progressed from its first roots as a banking malware to a “Swiss Military knife” that can serve as a downloader, facts stealer, and spambot based on how it is really deployed.

Early this February, it made a new characteristic to leverage presently infected devices to identify and compromise fresh new victims linked to nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Along with this feature update arrived a new persistence system, according to Binary Defense, which “produced a filename to conserve the malware on each victim system, making use of a randomly preferred exe or dll technique filename from the method32 listing.”

The alter in alone was straight-ahead: it encrypted the filename with an XOR vital that was then saved to the Windows registry price established to the victim’s quantity serial selection.

The to start with variation of the kill-swap produced by Binary Defense, which went live about 37 hrs after Emotet unveiled the earlier mentioned improvements, employed a PowerShell script that would generate the registry key value for each and every victim and established the data for just about every benefit to null.

emotet botnet malware

This way, when the malware checked the registry for the filename, it would conclusion up loading an vacant exe “.exe,” consequently stopping the malware from functioning on the target procedure.

“When the malware tries to execute ‘.exe,’ it would be not able to operate mainly because ‘.’ interprets to the present-day doing work directory for many running units,” Quinn noted.

EmoCrash to Thwart Emotet

That is not all. In an improvised model of the kill-change, named EmoCrash, Quinn mentioned he was ready to exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability learned in the malware’s installation plan to crash Emotet in the course of the set up approach, therefore proficiently preventing customers from having contaminated.

So instead of resetting the registry benefit, the script is effective by determining the technique architecture to crank out the set up registry value for the user’s quantity serial number, applying it to save a buffer of 832 bytes.

“This small knowledge buffer was all that was required to crash Emotet, and could even be deployed prior to an infection (like a vaccine) or mid-infection (like a killswitch),” Quinn explained. “Two crash logs would look with party ID 1000 and 1001, which could be utilised to recognize endpoints with disabled and lifeless Emotet binaries soon after deployment of the killswitch (and a computer restart).”

To retain it a magic formula from threat actors and patch their code, Binary Defense said it coordinated with Computer Emergency Reaction Groups (CERTs) and Staff Cymru to distribute the EmoCrash exploit script to prone corporations.

Although Emotet retired its registry essential-dependent installation strategy in mid-April, it was not right up until August 6 when an update to the malware loader entirely eradicated the vulnerable registry value code.

“On July 17, 2020, Emotet last but not least returned to spamming after their a number of months-lengthy advancement period of time,” Quinn claimed. “With EmoCrash even now energetic at the start of their entire return, up until finally August 6, EmoCrash was able to present whole protection from Emotet.”

“Not undesirable for a 832-byte buffer!,” he added.

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