How to use Pushover to get notifications sent to your Android device from your Linux servers

If you happen to be wanting for an effortless way to get notifications from many solutions and scripts on your Linux data middle servers to your Android or iOS cell phone, Pushover could be just the thing.

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Your details heart is possibly filling up with Linux servers. You could be using them for internet, FTP, containers, cloud, improvement, or any presented services. That suggests you need to retain tabs on the commands and services that possibly successfully or unsuccessfully operate. How do you do that when you happen to be busier and busier by the moment?

You could use a company known as Pushover. This compensated membership services will make it attainable for you to send out notifications from your Linux servers to possibly Android or iOS gadgets. You could use this for unsuccessful backups, failed commands, minimal disk place, and just about just about anything (specially in your have bash scripts) that would give you a notification on Linux. 

I’m going to walk you as a result of the procedure of location this up. 

Note: Pushover does provide a 7-day no cost trial. Once that demo is above the assistance needs a membership. An particular person license is a a person-time $5 for every platform (Android, iOS, or desktop) exactly where you want to receive notifications. Crew pricing is $5 per thirty day period/per user.

What you’ll need

I will be demonstrating with Ubuntu Server and Android 11. If you opt to use a various mixture, you may well have to alter the directions a bit. You will also will need a Pushover account. So just before you start off, make guaranteed to signal up.

Right after you signal up, you’ll acquire two distinctive person keys: Just one for the mobile app and a person for e-mail. Definitely, we’re likely to be doing the job with the cellular option.

How to put in the vital elements

The initial thing to do is open up the Google Engage in Retailer app on your Android gadget, research for the Pushover application and tap Install. 

When the app installs, you will be prompted to give the gadget a name (Figure A).

Determine A


Naming the system connected with your Pushover account.

Just after you’ve got given the gadget a identify, faucet Insert Machine. At the time you have done that, you will be introduced with your person essential, which you can also retrieve from your Pushover account page.

How to build an Application Critical

Right before you can use Pushover, you will have to to start with produce an App Important. To do this, head above to your Pushover account and click on Integrations in the best menu. From the resulting page, simply click Produce New Software. 

In the application development window, give the new application/API a identify and optional description, URL, and icon. Click on the checkbox for the TOS and click on Make Software (Determine B).

Determine B


Generating a new Application Essential for Pushover.

The moment you have developed your application, you are going to be offered a token for that application. Duplicate that token.

How to use your essential

Log in to your Linux server and make a new shell script with the command:

nano ~/

In that script, paste the next contents:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# TOKEN Info 
# Bash perform to drive notification to registered product 
thrust_to_mobile() regional t="$1:cli-app" local m="$2" [[ "$m" != "" ]] && curl -s  --type-string "token=$_token"  --sort-string "user=$_consumer"  --kind-string "title=$t"  --variety-string "message=$m"

In which APPTOKEN is the token for your freshly designed application and USERTOKEN is your Pushover consumer vital.

Save and shut the file.

Give the script executable permissions with the command:

chmod u+x

Duplicate the script to a listing in your $Route with the command:

cp /usr/regional/bin/

Improve the possession of the script with the command:

chown $Person:$User /usr/regional/bin/

You can now take a look at the script with the command:

ls |

The previously mentioned command will send the output of the ls command to your Android machine which is a listing of the current functioning listing contents.

That’s it. You have created a script that can be identified as from any script or command you use on Linux, and ship the output of the script or command to your Pushover account. Also, make certain to build new application tokens for particular programs/expert services (these kinds of as backups) and integrate the freshly designed into those scripts to obtain notifications straight to your Android system.

How you use the script is up to you. Make certain to read by way of the Pushover documentation to locate out how you can superior integrate Pushover into your servers/expert services.

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