User Survey 2020 Report Shows Rapid Growth In Apache Pulsar Adoption

For the very first time at any time, the Apache Pulsar PMC group is publishing a consumer survey report. The 2020 Apache Pulsar User Survey Report reveals Pulsar’s accelerating amount of international adoption, information how businesses are leveraging Pulsar to make serious-time streaming purposes, and highlights important capabilities on Pulsar’s products roadmap.

Apache Pulsar is a cloud-indigenous, dispersed open resource publish-subscribe (pub/sub) primarily based substantial-efficiency server-to-server messaging and streaming technique that manages hundreds of billions of gatherings per working day. It provides pretty lower conclude-to-conclusion latency, confirmed message delivery, zero data loss, and a serverless light-weight computing framework for stream native details processing.

Pulsar adoption has largely been driven by the market’s amplified demand for actual-time, knowledge-enabled technologies. Though businesses have experimented with to leverage monolithic messaging devices to create-out real-time offerings, they’ve strike significant roadblocks.

Ultimately, these systems are not equipped to present the scale or dependability that mission-significant apps have to have.

As a final result, firms have sought-out Apache Pulsar for its cloud-native, dispersed messaging, and streaming system abilities. From asynchronous applications to main small business applications to ETL, businesses are more and more leveraging Pulsar to build genuine-time apps.

Pulsar has been given world adoption from major technological know-how companies this kind of as Verizon Media, Narvar, Overstock, Nutanix, Yahoo! JAPAN, Tencent, OVHCloud, and Intelligent Cloud, who depend on its capacity to supply on functionality, scalability, and resiliency.

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As the Pulsar project and community garner escalating consideration, we are fired up to share the 2020 Apache Pulsar User Study Report.

In the 2020 Apache Pulsar User Study Report, we listen to from 165 users and master how their firms are leveraging Pulsar’s cloud-native, multi-layer design architecture, crafted-in multi-tenancy, and multi-cluster replication, to make scalable actual-time offerings.

Survey Report 2020

This report facts insights and use circumstances on how businesses are deploying Pulsar nowadays.

The report also reveals Pulsar’s prime-made use of attributes, its most popular programs, and how it is offering scalable, reputable, actual-time streaming methods for organizations. In this quotation from Qiang Fei, Tech Lead for Tencent, we see how just one firm is leveraging Pulsar to improve their supplying:

“Pulsar supplies us with a highly constant and remarkably responsible dispersed message queue that fits properly in our economical use situations. Multi-tenant and storage separation architecture design drastically reduces our operational and servicing overhead. We have utilized Pulsar on a quite huge scale in our firm, and we are amazed that Pulsar is ready to supply higher consistency whilst supporting large concurrent client connections.” — Qiang Fei, Tech Lead at Tencent.

From its crafted-in multi-tenancy, which minimizes architectural complexity and allows businesses to scale, to its multi-datacenter replication, which permits Pulsar to cope with datacenter failures, we see how Pulsar has developed into a sturdy and differentiated messaging and streaming platform. The report also reveals some of the neighborhood-pushed options on Pulsar’s solution roadmap for 2020 and beyond. To find out extra, download the report nowadays.

Join us for the initially-ever Apache Pulsar Summit on August 26, 2020, in San Francisco, CA. Additional specifics on the Summit to occur!

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