2 Chinese Charged with Laundering $100 Million for North Korean Hackers

Two Chinese nationals have been charged by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and sanctioned by the US Treasury for allegedly laundering $100 million truly worth of virtual currency working with pay as you go Apple iTunes gift cards.

According to a freshly unsealed court docket doc, the illicit cash originated from a $250 million haul stolen from two various unnamed cryptocurrency exchanges that ended up perpetrated by Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group with ties with the North Korean authorities.

The two persons in problem — Tian Yinyin (田寅寅) and Li Jiadong (李家东) — were both of those billed with operating an unlicensed funds transmitting company and revenue laundering conspiracy.

Prosecutors stated the defendants labored on behalf of the threat actors dependent in North Korea to allegedly launder around a $100 million worth of stolen cryptocurrency to obscure transactions, introducing the hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges posed a severe danger to the stability of the worldwide financial method.

It is truly worth noting that Lazarus Group was a person among the a few hacking outfits to be sanctioned by the US authorities final September for conducting a variety of financially-motivated operations ranging from cyber-espionage to data theft, so as to fund the country’s illicit weapon and missile systems.

Per the US Treasury, the Lazarus Group stole the resources in 2018 following an staff of a cryptocurrency trade unwittingly downloaded malware by means of an e-mail, which gave the danger actor entry to private keys, digital currency, and other customer details.

“Lazarus Team cyber actors employed the non-public keys to steal virtual currencies (250 million dollar equal at date of theft) from this exchange, accounting for nearly 50 % of the DPRK’s estimated virtual forex heists that yr.” the Treasury stated.

Even though the title of the trade stays not known, a report by Kaspersky back again in August 2018 in depth a campaign that associated dropping malware in the corporate networks of a selection of crypto-exchanges by sending spear-phishing emails.

Stating that North Korea trains hackers to “target and launder stolen money from monetary establishments,” the Treasury included that both equally Tian and Li obtained $91 million from North Korea-controlled accounts that can be traced back to the 2018 cryptocurrency exchange hack and an more $9.5 million from a hack of a 2nd exchange.

Prosecutors explained the two men and women assisted change extra than $34 million of the illicit cash they received back again into Chinese yuan by shifting them to a lender account connected to the trade account, in addition to converting $1.4 million worthy of of cryptocurrency into Apple present playing cards.

Designed in 2007, the Lazarus Team has long gone just after a number of targets, which includes militaries, governments, money establishments, media providers, and utility sectors, to perpetrate monetary heists and damaging malware assaults, building it the most-lucrative cryptocurrency-hacker syndicate in the world.

A United Nations report final August believed North Korea to have produced an believed $2 billion for its weapons courses as a result of “popular and progressively advanced cyberattacks” concentrating on banking companies and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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