New Comic Videos Take CISO/Security Vendor Relationship to the Extreme

Present day CISOs operate in an extremely intense surroundings.

As the types who are tasked with the unenviable accountability for failed security and effective breaches, they should relentlessly attempt to enhance their defense traces with workforce instruction, training their stability teams and last but absolutely not least — searching for products that will up grade and change their protection versus the fast evolving risk landscape.

Finding the proper resolution is every little thing but an straightforward process. Aspect of what would make it really hard is the remarkable number of security distributors that supply an infinite quantity of stability products, promising that each and every can address all the cyber troubles of the earth with a single hand tied at the rear of its again.

These CISO/seller encounters are the concept of six short humoristic movies launched this week that just take them to the best extreme. In this article is one of the video clips:

If you want, you can enjoy all 6 amusing movies listed here.

These videos have been partly encouraged by David Spark’s outstanding 30 Stability Seller Behaviors That Established Off a CISO’s BS Detector post, in which several CISOs state which protection vendors’ claims they obtain most irritating.

Unsurprisingly, most are linked to absolutes, superlatives, buzzwords (AI and device mastering guide the record), and stating the obvious — fundamentally, the toolset of an completed promoting and product sales crew.

When the ‘BS detector’ article portrays a instead genuine description, there is one more facet to the equation—sure, suppliers make a great deal of sounds, but it’s not like they have a real decision.

Soon after all, how several of the CISOs that groaned above superlatives and heal-all claims would have scheduled a assembly with the seller that states, ‘I have a reasonable enough solution that may, less than certain situation, lead a little something to your security posture?’

So, as in many other scenarios, there are great circumstances for each sides.

The encounters concerning CISOs and security sellers are the theme of 6 humoristic short videos (to accessibility the video clips click on in this article) that consider them to the supreme excessive, portraying a established of security seller behaviors that can quickly qualify to be the CISO’s nightmare…

The vendor that lurks all over the place, pushing his presenting the vendor that will make absurd promises the vendor that does all the things besides produce malware protection, and so on.

Curiously, the videos were not shot — as just one might anticipate — by a disappointed, raging CISO who is tired of getting pestered, but by an actual protection vendor that apparently is self-assured ample to giggle at the widespread problems the overly-enthusiastic distributors (which include they by themselves) are making.

So we strongly endorse to sit back again and observe.

If you’re a CISO, you can rejoice in realizing that you are not by yourself on the operate to get absent from safety vendors.

If you happen to be a security vendor gross sales dude, request your self how shut this parody comes to your real working day-to-working day plan.

And if you are neither, basically get pleasure from a superior snicker.

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