vBulletin Releases Patch Update for New RCE and SQLi Vulnerabilities

Immediately after releasing a patch for a vital zero-day distant code execution vulnerability late previous thirty day period, vBulletin has just lately printed a new safety patch update that addresses 3 more high-severity vulnerabilities in its forum computer software.

If left unpatched, the claimed safety vulnerabilities, which have an affect on vBulletin 5.5.4 and prior versions, could ultimately make it possible for remote attackers to just take complete command around qualified world-wide-web servers and steal delicate consumer information.

Created in PHP, vBulletin is a extensively employed proprietary Web forum program offer that powers about 100,000 web sites on the Web, which include Fortune 500 and Alexa Best 1 million businesses websites and community forums.

Found by software protection researcher Egidio Romano, the 1st vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-17132, is a distant code execution flaw, whilst the other two are SQL injection difficulties, the two assigned a solitary ID as CVE-2019-17271.

vBulletin RCE and SQLi Flaws

The RCE flaw resides in the way vBulletin discussion board handles user requests to update avatars for their profiles, an icon or graphical representation of the consumer, allowing for a distant attacker to inject and execute arbitrary PHP code on the focus on server through unsanitized parameters.

However, it should be mentioned that this vulnerability is not exploitable in the default installation of the vBulletin forum, instead exploitation is probable when “Conserve Avatars as Information” solution is enabled by the web page administrator.

Romano has also unveiled a general public proof-of-thought exploit for this RCE vulnerability.

The other two vulnerabilities are go through in-band and time-centered SQL injection concerns that reside in two independent endpoints and could allow administrators with limited privileges to go through delicate details from the databases, which they in any other case may perhaps not be authorized to access.

vbulletin security vulnerabilities

Considering the fact that these two SQL injection flaws can not be exploited by any registered person and require unique permissions, vBulletin forum administrators and consumers have to have not to stress.

Web Application Firewall

Stability Patches Unveiled

Romano responsibly noted all the vulnerabilities to the vBulletin job maintainers just previous 7 days on September 30, and the staff acknowledged his conclusions and introduced the following safety patch updates that tackle the noted flaws.

  • vBulletin 5.5.4 Patch Amount 2
  • vBulletin 5.5.3 Patch Level 2
  • vBulletin 5.5.2 Patch Degree 2

Directors are really encouraged to utilize the protection patch right before hackers started off exploiting the vulnerabilities to goal their forum users—just like anyone did previous week to steal login details of practically 245,000 Comodo Message boards consumers after the company failed to implement offered patches on time.

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