Some D-Link and Comba WiFi Routers Leak Their Passwords in Plaintext

What could be worse than your router leaking its administrative login credentials in plaintext?

Cybersecurity scientists from Trustwave’s SpiderLabs have identified various safety vulnerabilities in some router designs from two well-liked manufacturers—D-Backlink and Comba Telecom—that entail insecure storage of credentials, most likely impacting every user and program on that network.

Researcher Simon Kenin explained to The Hacker News that he identified a total of 5 vulnerabilities—two in a D-Connection DSL modem usually mounted to hook up a dwelling community to an ISP, and three in numerous Comba Telecom WiFi gadgets.

These flaws could most likely make it possible for attackers to improve your device configurations, extract sensitive details, accomplish MitM attacks, redirect you to phishing or destructive websites and start numerous a lot more styles of assaults.

“Given that your router is the gateway in and out of your full community it can likely affect every single person and method on that community. An attacker-controlled router can manipulate how your customers resolve DNS hostnames to direct your consumers to destructive web sites,” Kenin says in a site publish posted today.

Kenin is the similar stability researcher who previously uncovered identical vulnerability (CVE-2017-5521) in at the very least 31 products of Netgear routers, permitting distant hackers to receive the admin password of the afflicted equipment and probably impacting around one million Netgear consumers.

D-Link WiFi Router Vulnerabilities

The 1st vulnerability resides in the twin-band D-Website link DSL-2875AL wi-fi router, where a file found at https://[router ip address]/romfile.cfg is made up of login password of the gadget in plaintext and can be accessed by anyone with accessibility to the world wide web-centered management IP deal with, devoid of necessitating any authentication.

router password hacking

The next vulnerability impacts D-Url DSL-2875AL and the DSL-2877AL designs and leaks the username and password the qualified router use for authenticating with the World-wide-web Services Supplier (ISP).

In accordance to the researchers, a area attacker connected to the susceptible router or a distant attacker, in scenario of the router is exposed to the Net, can acquire victims’ ISP credentials just by hunting at the supply code (HTML) of the router login webpage at https://[router ip address]/index.asp.

“The following username & password are utilised by the consumer to link to his ISP, leaking this info could enable an attacker to use all those credentials for himself and abuse the ISP,” the advisory for the flaw explains.

“On top of that, negative stability behavior of password reuse could probably make it possible for an attacker to get management of the router by itself.”

Scientists notified D-Website link of the vulnerabilities in early January, but the firm unveiled Firmware patches on September 6, just three days prior to the comprehensive disclosure of the challenges.

Comba Wi-Fi Entry Controller Vulnerabilities

Out of 3, the very first vulnerability impacts the Comba AC2400 WiFi Obtain Controller, leaking the MD5 hash of the product password just by accessing the adhering to URL with no requiring any authentication.

https://[router ip address]/09/business/up grade/upcfgAction.php?obtain=genuine

“The username is admin, with method privileges and the md5 of his password is 61d217fd8a8869f6d26887d298ce9a69 (trustwave). MD5 is incredibly uncomplicated to split, if SSH/Telnet is enabled, this could direct to a complete takeover of the filesystem of the machine,” the advisory reads.

router password hacking

The other two vulnerabilities impact the Comba AP2600-I WiFi Obtain Level (edition A02,0202N00PD2).

Just one of these flaws also leaks MD5 hash of the product username and password through the supply code of the web-based mostly management login web site, while the other just one leaks credentials in plaintext saved in an SQLite database file found at https://[router ip address]/goform/downloadConfigFile.

Scientists tried to call Comba Telecom numerous times due to the fact February this 12 months, but under no circumstances succeeded in obtaining a response.

All the three vulnerabilities learned in Comba Telecom routers are unpatched at the time of writing, and it stays mysterious regardless of whether the corporation has any program to address them or not.

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