Account Takeover Vulnerability Found in Popular EA Games Origin Platform

A well-liked gaming platform made use of by hundreds of millions of men and women globally has been discovered susceptible to a number of safety flaws that could have allowed remote hackers to takeover players’ accounts and steal delicate data.

The vulnerabilities in issue reside in the “Origin” digital distribution system formulated by Electronic Arts (EA)—the world’s next-greatest gaming business with more than 300 million users—that will allow customers to obtain and participate in some of the most common movie games which include Battlefield, Apex Legends, Madden NFL, and FIFA.

The Origin system also manages customers EA Online games account authentication and will allow them to come across mates, join video games, and deal with their profiles.

Identified by scientists at Test Point and CyberInt, the vulnerabilities when chained jointly could have allowed attackers to hijack gamer’s EA account just by convincing them into opening an official webpage from the EA Games web page.

To complete this assault, as shown in the online video demonstration, researchers took advantage of a long-regarded unpatched weakness in Microsoft’s Azure cloud provider that allowed them to takeover 1 of the EA subdomains, which was formerly registered with Azure to host one of the Origin’s providers.

As stated in a former report, if DNS (CNAME) of a domain/subdomain is pointing to Azure cloud system but has not been configured or linked to an energetic Azure account, any other Azure consumer can hijack it to park that subdomain to his/her Azure server.

“In the course of Cyber Int’s study, although, [it] located that the ea-invite-reg.azurewebsites.web services was not in-use any more within Azure cloud services even so, the unique subdomain nonetheless redirect to it making use of the CNAME configuration,” CheckPoint researchers mentioned in a report published right now.

In their proof-of-notion attack, researchers hijacked “” and hosted a script on it that exploited weaknesses in the EA games’ oAuth solitary signal-on (SSO) and Have confidence in system.

The webpage ultimately permitted the researchers to capture gamers solution SSO tokens just by convincing them into browsing it in the exact website browser wherever they presently have an lively session on the EA web-site and takeover their accounts without having demanding actual qualifications.

“The Rely on mechanism exists among and domains and their subdomains. Successfully abusing the system enabled our investigate team to manipulate the OAuth protocol implementation for full account takeover exploitation,” scientists described.

ea games hacking

In a worst-scenario situation, CheckPoint scientists mentioned an attacker could have exploited these flaws to lead to prospective hurt like attaining obtain to players’ credit score card info with the skill to fraudulently buy in-activity currency on behalf of the gamers.

CyberInt and Look at Position quickly claimed their results to EA Video games and helped the enterprise resolve the stability loopholes to secure their gaming consumers. The stability business went general public with its results today—almost three months immediately after EA dealt with the difficulties.

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