Critical Flaw Uncovered In WordPress That Remained Unpatched for 6 Years

Special — If you have not up-to-date your web-site to the most recent WordPress edition 5..3, it is a brilliant idea to up grade the material management application of your internet site now. From now, I mean straight away.

Cybersecurity researchers at RIPS Technologies GmbH these days shared their most recent research with The Hacker Information, revealing the existence of a crucial remote code execution vulnerability that has an effect on all past versions of WordPress written content administration software package produced in the earlier 6 several years.

The remote code execution assault, found out and described to the WordPress safety team late past year, can be exploited by a lower privileged attacker with at the very least an “creator” account using a combination of two individual vulnerabilities—Path Traversal and Nearby File Inclusion—that reside in the WordPress core.

The need of at minimum an writer account lowers the severity of this vulnerability to some extent, which could be exploited by a rogue information contributor or an attacker who in some way manages to obtain author’s credential employing phishing, password reuse or other attacks.

“An attacker who gains accessibility to an account with at minimum creator privileges on a goal WordPress site can execute arbitrary PHP code on the underlying server, primary to a whole remote takeover,” Scannell states.

Video Demonstration — Here is How the Attack Operates

According to Simon Scannell, a researcher at RIPS Technologies GmbH, the attack takes benefit of the way WordPress graphic management process handles Put up Meta entries made use of to shop description, size, creator, and other meta data of uploaded visuals.

Scannell located that a rogue or compromised author account can modify any entries involved with an image and established them to arbitrary values, primary to the Path Traversal vulnerability.

“The notion is to set _wp_attached_file to evil.jpg?shell.php, which would direct to an HTTP ask for currently being designed to the subsequent URL: content/uploads/evil.jpg?shell.php,” Scannell explains.

And, “it is nonetheless possible to plant the resulting picture into any directory by using a payload these as evil.jpg?/../../evil.jpg.”

The Path Traversal flaw in blend with a regional file inclusion flaw in concept listing could then permit the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the focused server.

The attack, as proven in the proof-of-notion online video shared by the researcher, can be executed within seconds to get comprehensive handle around a vulnerable WordPress blog.

According to Scannell, the code execution assault became non-exploitable in WordPress versions 5..1 and 4.9.9 just after patch for one more vulnerability was launched which prevented unauthorized users from setting arbitrary Write-up Meta entries.

However, the Route Traversal flaw is still unpatched even in the most up-to-date WordPress edition and can be exploited if any put in 3rd-social gathering plugin improperly handles Write-up Meta entries.

Scannell verified that the subsequent release of WordPress would contain a repair to entirely address the difficulty shown by the researcher.

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