The Android Pixel 3 stand: Is it worth the cost?

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On paying for my Pixel 3 mobile phone, I opted to drop the coinage for the affiliated stand. And why not? The strategy of possessing a rapidly wireless charger with a number of excess bells and whistles was a fairly effortless market on a cell phone that now had a hefty cost tag.

Immediately after location up the charger and making use of it for a several weeks, I am delighted to report I am happy for the invest in. Is it required? Not at all. But acquiring the Pixel 3-distinct charger does make a really hassle-free charging machine, as well as a good way of viewing photo galleries, swift accessibility to Google Assistant, and even a enjoyable wake up for the morning.

But you will find a lot more to the charger than satisfies the virtual eye. Some small features make it well worth the increased-than-ordinary cost (for a wireless charger). Let us get a glance at a handful of of those people functions and then how to configure the added rewards only discovered when combining the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 stand.

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The actual physical stand

The major gain to the bodily stand is the surface area. What you are going to obtain is a rubberized coating that does an superb position of blocking your treasured Pixel from slipping off and falling to its premature demise. Of all the wi-fi stands I have analyzed, the Pixel Stand (by far) presents the greatest security. The stand also has a rubberized base, that can help avoid it from sliding on your desk (or nightstand). When cables accidentally get tugged (by cleansing, by cats, or by incident) that sticky bottom will go a extended way from protecting against the stand from sliding to the edge and jettisoning alone to the ground. That by yourself can help warrant the price tag of the Pixel Stand. The only downfall to the physical components is that it is only sold in white. If you have a white Pixel cellular phone, which is terrific. But with a black cell phone, it stands out a bit (and not in the good way).

The charging

Just one factor I seriously like about the stand is, on returning the Pixel Cellphone to its cradle, virtually the entire monitor momentarily displays the out there battery cost percentage. The moment that goes away, the cellphone then constantly displays the percentage billed at the base of the display screen (also indicating it is in quickly demand manner).

How rapidly is rapid charging? Google states the Pixel 3 is able of charging at speeds of 10 watts. Point is, the Pixel 3 can only cost at these speeds on chargers accredited for the “Produced for Google” system. Guess what stands are at present rated for that application? If you guessed “Only the Pixel stand,” you guessed the right way. On all other chargers, the Pixel 3 is only able of charging at 5 watts. Because of this, it usually takes twice as long to charge the Pixel 3 on other wireless chargers. 2 times. As. Prolonged. That is sizeable, in particular if you might be in a hurry. With the Pixel 3/Pixel Stand combo, the cellular phone expenses remarkably rapid. For individuals who depend on a absolutely billed cellphone that is definitely a offer maker.

The silence and the waking

Outside the house of sounding like the title of a Coheed and Cambria track, the silence and the waking solutions of the Pixel 3/Pixel stand combo is fairly great. You can configure the Pixel 3 to quickly go into Do Not Disturb mode when docked. Even so, the only way to get access to the configuration possibilities is to dock the cellular phone, tap the screen, and faucet the gear icon in the leading proper corner (Determine A).

Figure A

Figure A

Attaining entry to the Pixel Stand configuration alternatives.

At the time you tap the gear, you may locate on your own in the Pixel Stand solutions page (Determine B).

Figure B

Figure B

To enable DND manner when docked, faucet the Do Not Disturb though docked slider right until it really is in the On placement.

The Pixel 3/Stand combination also includes a quite wonderful attribute geared toward people who continue to keep their telephones by their nightstand. If you permit the Sunrise Alarm characteristic (Determine C), your Pixel 3 will progressively mild up 15 minutes before sounding an alarm. That light-weight can assistance to simplicity you into a wake-up method. If you slumber like me, that gentle is enough to wake you in the morning. This attribute by itself is truly worth the price tag of entry for the Pixel Stand—especially if you despise getting startled awake in the morning by an alarm.

Determine C

Figure C

Configuring the Dawn Alarm attribute.

Is it well worth the cost?

I am fairly self-assured you presently know the reply to that dilemma. Certainly, the Pixel Stand is most undoubtedly well worth the price (at the moment $79 USD on the Google Perform Store). The quick charging by itself will make this a worthwhile invest in. Incorporate that with the rubberized surface and the Sunrise Alarm (as very well as other features) and purchasing this stand with your Pixel 3 mobile phone must be a no-brainer.

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