Why mainframe computing is still relevant: 10 benefits to your business

Companies hold increasingly optimistic attitudes toward mainframes, according to a Tuesday report from BMC. Of the 1,100 executives and technical professionals surveyed, 92% said the mainframe is a strong long-term platform option for their business—marking the highest level that statistic has been in five years.

Organizations are working to modernize and optimize their mainframe applications and operations, sometimes using automation to speed the process, the report found. Some 82% of respondents said they are using Java in the mainframe, and 48% said they are using agile/DevOps practices in their mainframe environment.

In terms of mainframe priorities, respondents said application modernization (42%) and AIOps and operational analytics (20%) were top of the list, according to the report. However, the top three challenges in working with these platforms are cost control, a staffing/skills shortage, and management perception of the mainframe.

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Here are the top 10 benefits that the mainframe can offer businesses, according to the report:

  1. Availability – 58%
  2. Security – 54%
  3. Centralized data serving environment – 53%
  4. Transaction throughput – 50%
  5. Ability to fully utilize system capacity – 41%
  6. New technology available on platform – 28%
  7. Consolidate distributed workloads – 28%
  8. Specialty MIPS supporting new apps – 28%
  9. Leveraging legacy apps to create new apps – 26%
  10. Cost of alternative too high – 23%

“Digitization and mobility are placing incredible pressure on both IT and mainframes to manage a greater volume, variety, and velocity of transactions and data, with workloads becoming more volatile and unpredictable,” Bill Miller, president of ZSolutions at BMC, said in a press release. “The 2018 BMC Mainframe Research Report shows a bright future in which the mainframe shines due to its strengths in scalability, availability, and security.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 92% of executives and tech pros said the mainframe is a strong long-term platform. — BMC, 2018
  • The top benefits of a mainframe environment are availability, security, and a centralized data serving environment. — BMC, 2018

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